Real AI, fake AI



Box 1: “Look, this is our new robot full of AI” “You won’t believe how smart it is”

Box 2: “Really? There is AI inside? Like neuronal approach something?” “Trust me it has  lots of complex algorithms under its belt”

Box 3: “Ok, let’s see what it has inside its belly” “Heee”

Box 4: “I knew it, only IFs, hundreds of IFs…” “That’s not AI”.

Congrats to Niland, they are joining Spotify


The French AI ecosystem sees another of their jewels joining an American mastodont. Congrats to the Niland team!

Niland is not well-known in the field of AI. But for years its CEO, Damien Tardieu, has done research on ways to extract meaningful information from raw music content in order to form connections with other music.

This approach differs from collaborative filtering, one of the techniques that Spotify and others use. It involves scouring public sources of information like blogs for references to multiple artists, albums or songs and then making recommendations based on that knowledge.