Congrats to Niland, they are joining Spotify


The French AI ecosystem sees another of their jewels joining an American mastodont. Congrats to the Niland team!

Niland is not well-known in the field of AI. But for years its CEO, Damien Tardieu, has done research on ways to extract meaningful information from raw music content in order to form connections with other music.

This approach differs from collaborative filtering, one of the techniques that Spotify and others use. It involves scouring public sources of information like blogs for references to multiple artists, albums or songs and then making recommendations based on that knowledge.

Ted Talk from Yoshua Bengio



Yoshua Bengio talks about AI, deep learning, the reasons of our common interest in unsupervised/predictive learning and adversarial training, the exploding AI ecosystem in Montreal, and the potential impact of AI on society.


The future of AI applied to meetings


Salesforce wants to use AI to replace the Business Analyst and crunch numbers on demand. It is also called Einstein, but it is unreleased yet.

“We have our top 20 or 30 executives around the table. We talk about different regions, different products, different opportunities. And then I ask one other executive their opinion, and that executive is Einstein.

“And I will literally turn to Einstein in the meeting and say, ‘OK, Einstein, you’ve heard all of this, now what do you think?’ And Einstein will give me the over and under on the quarter and show me where we’re strong and where we’re weak, and sometimes it will point out a specific executive, which it has done in the last three quarters, and said that this executive is somebody who needs specific attention during the quarter. …

Can’t wait to see that : )

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