Self-regulating giants

Apple joined the partnership on AI today. Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM and Microsoft; along with six independent members from other artificial intelligence organizations, universities and the ACLU are now working together on progressing Artificial Intelligence in a more ethical manners.

Shall we be scared about having the giants working together in a coordinated manner powered by the huge amounts of data that was accumulated?

Having one of the giants of secrecy publishing articles and joining a public group shows how everyone, including the CEOs of those huge corporations, are aware of the need for collaboration and transparency.


Top 10 reasons why companies are not investing in AI

Once enterprises overcome these obstacles, Forrester concludes, they stand to gain from AI driving accelerated transformation in customer-facing applications and developing an interconnected web of enterprise intelligence.


There is no defined business case                                                       42%

Not clear what AI can be used for                                                       39%

Don’t have the required skills                                                               33%

Need first to invest in modernizing data mgt platform                   29%

Don’t have the budget                                                                           23%

Not certain what is needed for implementing an AI system           19%

AI systems are not proven                                                                    14%

Do not have the right processes or governance                                13%

AI is a lot of hype with little substance                                               11%

Magic and human dignity

Milie was presenting at the Virtual Assistant Summit in San Francisco about the need to design AI around human fears and hopes.

# Yes, we all have weaknesses, but how do you build a Virtual assistant which will assist without hurting feelings?

# Clearly define the roles:

  • things that human are better at: negotiate, leading, motivating, …
  • things that artificial intelligence is better at: documenting in a structured manner, optimizing schedules, screening large amount of data, …

# How do you capture the relevant labelled dataset when not-documenting is the standard?

  • Build a light light version with quick win for the individuals not your dataset
  • Care about constraints from decision makers: immediate ROI, no change management, no share of critical data, no business discontinuity
  • Lots of training to explain why you are capturing the dataset and how you will be using it.

# CONCLUSION: It is not because you can build it, and that there is a good reason why people should be using your assistant; that individual will use it. Human are humans and they want:

  • to be respected: you can’t replace them by machine
  • to be important: keep their knowledge
  • to protect themselves: not documenting their mistakes

And if you need to redesign your product startegy to fit with the reality of humans; you just have to do it.