workshop at PMI Paris forum

Capture is very proud to hold a workshop at the Project management institute (PMI) Paris forum on the theme of “allowing mistake at the core of collective success”.

Considering that all of our project writtings (including emails) will be analyzed by algorithms in the near future, there is an urgent need to review our conception of mistake. Algorithms can assist project teams to become more successfull overall; but not at any cost. Feel free to join the conversation with your Project Managers fellows.

Note: The session has been moved to 3.15PM.

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Milie  Taing : Le droit à l’erreur au cœur de la réussite collective

Alors que nous écrivons de plus en plus d’emails, de chats, de compte rendus; et que des algorithmes intelligents analysent/ analyseront nos emails et autres documents de travail pour accélérer la collecte d’éléments de reporting. Quelle place doit-on réserver au droit à l’erreur? Quels sont les grands principes managériaux qui permettent de mettre en place les piliers d’une communication saine et transparente entre collaborateurs, entre les échelons d’une entreprise et avec ses sous-traitants. Après un rapide exposé, les participants seront amenés à partager leurs expériences et leurs bonnes pratiques.

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Artificial Intelligence Will Replace Tasks, Not Jobs

There is no shortage of angst when it comes to the impact of AI on jobs. For example, a survey by Pew Research Internet finds Americans are roughly twice as likely to express worry (72%) than enthusiasm (33%) about a future in which robots and computers are capable of doing many jobs that are currently done by humans.

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Layoffs at Watson Health Reveal IBM’s Problem With AI – IEEE Spectrum

Illustration of IBM logo with stethoscope.IBM, a venerable tech company on a mission to stay relevant, has staked much of its future on IBM Watson. The company has touted Watson, its flagship artificial intelligence, as the premier product for turning our data-rich but disorganized world into a smart and tidy planet.

But according to engineers swept up in a major round of layoffs within IBM’s Watson division last month, the company’s promotions of its “cognitive computing” platform mask its own real difficulties in turning its AI into a profitable business.

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Intel Sold $1 Billion of Artificial Intelligence Chips Last Year – News18


Intel Corp on Wednesday said it sold $1 billion of artificial intelligence processor chips in 2017, the first time the world’s second-largest chipmaker disclosed revenue from the fast-growing computing segment that has fuelled sales expansions at rivals such as Nvidia Corp. As PC sales have stagnated, Intel has increasingly been depending on its sales to data centres, which provide behind-the-scenes computing power for mobile and web-based apps. Those apps, in turn, rely on artificial intelligence for features like photo and speech recognition.